How To Stay Motivated and Productive Working Remotely?

Jan 24, 2024

The pandemic has caused many people to rethink their jobs and careers figuring out what is best for themselves. Perspectives have changed on work itself. For example, working remotely has become a new option created by this abrupt paradigm shift in society. In previous years we were able to divide by associating the office with work and home with relaxation. This distinct line has been blurred as working from home has increased. Employers worry of the reduction in productivity affecting sales and revenue. Employees struggle to adjust working remotely trying to remain productive while managing life at home. Staying motivated and being productive working remotely has become a challenge.

What Are the Basics When Working from Home?

First, establish a workspace separate to your home environment. Ideally, prepare a room for an office. If this is not possible prepare a workspace which has the least number of distractions. A place where there is minimal noise and visual stimulation.

Next, dress up for the occasion. If possible, avoid comfortable clothing such as pajamas, sweatshirts/pants, or only underwear. Dress as though you are going to the office. This helps trigger your mental state into work mode. Comfortable clothing can affect your motivation and level of awareness which is why it should be avoided.

Preparing the proper hardware, software, and internet connection is extremely important. Being able to work seamlessly without compromising efficiency, having solid connectivity, and proper security to emulate the office environment.

Time management is crucial. Scheduling projects, deadlines, and meetings become a challenge. Use the right tools to help you keep track of your assignments and progress.

Communicate regularly with your colleagues and clients. Arrange conference calls occasionally to see each other’s faces. Avoid complete isolation and be proactive with connecting to exchange ideas, experiences, and opinions. Network to stay updated.

How To Take Care of Yourself Mentally and Physically?

Treat yourself as you would advise others. It is easy to inform others to do something but to put it into practice yourself is the challenge. Here are some tips to help you get on the right track. This applies to remote workers and commuters.

-Set specific goals on what to accomplish each day

Clear goals help you gain satisfaction when you finish. This keeps motivation high and gives you a sense of accomplishment and gratification.

-Eat healthy

This may seem trivial but is harder in practice. Prepare healthy meals and avoid ready made products. Avoid processed foods and choose whole food options instead.

-Sleep routinely

If possible, sleep and wake up at the same times daily. Consistency is key. The more regular your sleep patterns are the more energetic and alert you become. Between 7 ~ 9 hours is optimal and may vary depending on the individual.

-Exercise daily

If possible, exercise daily for 15 ~ 60 min. Incorporate cardio and muscular resistance training. This helps increase stamina, relieve stress, and boost confidence. Sitting daily in a chair is taxing to your bodily structure. Routinely stretch your neck, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and back to counteract accumulated strain.

-Get daily sunlight exposure

Go outside preferably in the mornings. Avoid wearing sunglasses and get exposure on your skin and eyes for 10~15 min. Do not look directly at the sun. This helps elevate your mood and correct your circadian rhythm.

-Hydrate properly

Drink water or noncaffeinated beverages regularly in small amounts. Staying hydrated keeps you fresh and less tired. Avoid over caffeinating which increases dependency, tolerance, and disrupts sleep. Avoid alcohol if possible.

-Avoid excess amounts of sugar

Excess amounts can spike your blood sugar causing drowsiness and fatigue.

-Take short breaks

Detach from screens every 45~60 min. Look out a window or someplace where you can see long distances. Give your eyes a rest to help them rejuvenate. Practice meditation by sitting with your eyes shut, breathe deeply and slowly. This will help replenish your concentration and focus.

Paris ne s’est pas fait en un jour - Rome wasn’t built in a day

Working indoors all day is a modern-day phenomenon which affects a large portion of our population. It may seem overwhelming trying to change your habits at once. Don’t worry. Pick and try 1 or 2 things to begin with. Gradually add on as you progress. You will fail at times but don’t be discouraged. Be consistent and you will experience results in the weeks, months, and years to come. Living a healthy lifestyle is the beginning to being the best version of yourself.

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