Terms & Conditions

  1. Estimated price and delivery terms via idioma’s online ordering platform Stream are based on the rates for translation of general and light technical content. For specialized subject areas (such as medical, legal, etc.), we reserve the right to negotiate these terms. In this case, the IDIOMA project manager handling the project will contact the CUSTOMER immediately before accepting an order.
  2. The exchange rate applied for other currencies than Euro are calculated according to the ECB rate of the day. This means that rates in other currencies than Euro can vary over time depending on the current exchange rate. Rates in published estimates remain valid for up to 14 days.
  3. IDIOMA grants to the CUSTOMER the unlimited right to use worldwide the translations provided by IDIOMA to the CUSTOMER. This right may be transferred by the CUSTOMER to a third party. This right is not limited in time and may be asserted only upon final and binding payment of the totality of the services provided by IDIOMA.
  4. In accordance with item 3, the CUSTOMER and his associates are entitled to unrestricted use of the translations or parts thereof, in particular with respect to the following rights:
  5. the right to duplicate, publish and distribute the translations regardless of the medium used (data file, paper, CD-ROM, etc.),
  6. the right to sell, hire out or lend the translations together with a data carrier,
  7. the right to use publicly the translations in whole or in part for marketing or presentations, and
  8. the right to transfer the translations to third parties.
  9. IDIOMA commits to treat all translations ordered by the CUSTOMER and any of his associates as confidential information. As a consequence, IDIOMA shall not disclose any information by no means and in any form whatsoever concerning translations, including but not limited to original documents, translations, reference material, working methods, contact persons, and related information received from the CUSTOMER or his associates and handled by IDIOMA. Furthermore, IDIOMA shall take proper measures to prevent such material and information from falling into the hands of third parties, such as through unauthorized copying, theft and negligence.
  10. What is stated herein shall also apply to text and data input in Translation Memory and/or published in Content Management Systems.
  11. Regarding project management, each and every project is preceded by an estimate clearly stating the date and time of acceptance and subsequent delivery and also the value amount of the project. Unless otherwise agreed upon, this estimate shall apply for the entire duration of the project, and it shall be supported by a mandatory purchase order in writing from the CUSTOMER.
  12. IDIOMA is certified and performs all language services in accordance with the ISO 9001:2016, ISO 18587:2017 and ISO 17100:2015 standard. Should there be an issue with a delivered project, IDIOMA undertakes to immediately rectify the issue and to submit updated material to the customer as soon as is practically feasible. To support this undertaking, IDIOMA also carries liability insurance to cover reasonable claims when submitted translations cannot be corrected due to practical circumstances.
  13. By default and unless otherwise agreed upon, IDIOMA has a standard payment term of net thirty days after invoices have been issued at the end of a given calendar month. What is stated herein is conditional to prompt and timely payment of issued invoices for the services delivered.
  14. All subcontractors of IDIOMA are bound to the same contractual terms in an identical manner as to those terms to which IDIOMA is bound to by the CUSTOMER. It shall be the responsibility of IDIOMA to make sure that any subcontractor is not in breach of these terms.
  15. The construction, effect and validity of this agreement and any claim thereof or in connection therewith shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the Czech Republic. In case of legal disputes, the courts of the Czech Republic shall have exclusive jurisdiction.