25th JTF Translation festival: DTP files updates without translation memory

Nov 27, 2015

On November 26th, the 25th JTF Translation Festival in Tokyo took place – and we were of course there to present our new services, get inspired and attend panel discussions and presentations revealing new perspectives in the translation industry.

This year, the flagship of idioma was our revamped online estimator Stream that became a part of our new complex platform, idioma WORLD, and most importantly our brand-new NextDoc service.


Basically, if the DTP document you need to translate is an update of an old version, with NextDoc you do not need to translate and perform DTP work of everything all over again. The service differs from standard translation memory tools by only using final DTP documents instead of a Translation Memory (TM).

NextDoc simply merges newly translated text segments into reused DTP text, and delivers a marked-up DTP version to you together with translated new text to complete your new, translated DTP document.

This way, you keep full control over the translation resources, and you pay only for translation of the new text plus a modest fee for text reuse. Best of all, you have all the resources in your hands all the time for maximum control.

As an added benefit, after a project is finished all newly translated text and changes can be saved separately, so you can add it to your existing translation memory, such as TMX, Xliff, or Trados TM.

The NextDoc solution is available online 24/7 so you can request free estimates as often as you want (even anonymously).Simply upload your updated and old DTP documents and we’ll give you a free estimate of how much text from the old version can be reused and how much of the new text needs translation.

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